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Our People

To give you an understanding of the type of professionals at Kreston Japan, here are messages from each of the firms CEO's and managing partner.
Message from CEO While social responsibility of companies is strongly demanded by society, the social role of audit firms has become an increasingly important aspect to society. ARK MEIJI AUDIT & Co. aims to enhance the reliability of companies and realize a reliable society by offering stringent and fair audit at reasonable cost.

Our goal as an audit firm is to become a precedent with the capacity to support long-term growth and development of our clients. We continue to deliver valuable audit services through high quality performances and close communication with our clients.

With the cooperation of Kreston International member firms around the globe, we are able to support clients to set up in foreign countries. We provide high quality services with a global perspective to ensure clients meet their needs in their target region.

We are a group of accounting professionals who not only perform reasonable audit that society demands but also contribute to the public interest and the development of the Japanese economy through the company's accounting audit.
Akihiko Miura
Yaesu Audit & Co.
Message from CEO In the modern era, economic society is becoming more and more globalized and the accounting system is also becoming more internationalized and complicated year by year. In such an environment, Yaesu Audit Company will continue to respond with flexibility to such internationalization and complications as one of the member firms of Kreston International.

On the other hand, although it is true that we are now placed in such an environment, and this fact makes it important for us, an audit corporation that conducts audits, to adhere to the fairness of our services, which is our original mission, all the more. To adhere to this fairness, at Yaesu Audit Company, having good faith as our basic philosophy, all the members of our firm strive to render sincere audit services with a high sense of ethics at all times. We are confident that by rendering sincere audit services, we will surely be able to make contributions in establishing society's confidence.

From now on as well, we will continue not only to respond with flexibility to the environment of the times but also to contribute to society through the efforts of every member of our firm to try to pursue personal development all the more.
Yuzo Takeda
OC & Associates
Message from Managing Partner OC & Associates is an accounting firm specializing in providing accounting and audit services to foreign companies in Japan. Established in 1992 and incorporated in 1996 as Okamoto & Company, we are one of the first firms to specialize in this area. We take great pride in our professionals, who we believe are the key in providing quality services to our clients. Many of our professionals have experience living overseas, giving them the ability to communicate in English with an international mindset.

We are proud to be a part of Kreston Japan and enjoy being a member of Kreston International.
Koichi "Richard" Okamoto

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